Tank Cleaning

Looking for cleaner tanks at your facility?

Sparkly clean equipment displays a sense of excellence and care, exactly the kind of image you want to portray. Not only that, but storage tanks that are cleaned regularly as part of routine tank maintenance can save you money and headaches long term.

Many companies are unsure how to undertake industrial tank cleaning projects & repairs. Since we know how to solve tank problems, we know how to help with the entire industrial tank cleaning and restoration process.

Let us help you with your tank maintenance to keep your equipment in great condition.

Mid America Service Solutions specializes in industrial cleaning services. We know the questions to ask and how to clean your tank to ensure it is safe and ready for your business to use. Read on to learn more about our industrial tank cleaning process, restoration, and other environmental services we provide.

a tank that has been cleaned

What types of tanks do you clean?

Mid America Service Solutions can provide professional industrial tank cleaning & restoration services for companies in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • Ethanol
  • Food processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Municipality
  • Oil and gas
  • Paper
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation Industries

Mid America tech in front of a field of tanks

Unsure if your storage tank falls in one of the above fields? Contact us today to learn more.

How do you clean a tank?

Hiring professionals like Mid America Service Solutions to clean a tank with hydroblasting is the quickest & safest way to clean and maintain your industrial tank both inside & out. We use industrial grade pressure washers with water or steam to remove the scale, mildew, mold growth, bird droppings and other environmental residue that leaves your tank looking dirty. 

We clean the interior of your tanks, too!  We are confined space entry certified and ready to tackle your next job. 

Regular maintenance services, like our hydroblasting cleaning service, will help your investment last longer & keep you stay in compliance with the regulations of your industry. 

We offer a wide array of industrial cleaning services to companies all over the United States:

  • Complete Tank Restoration – including coatings & linings
  • Interior Washout Cleanings
  • Exterior Power Wash & Blasting Services
a dirty tank before cleaning
tank cleaning during
cleaning the top of a tank
industrial tank

Tank Linings and Coatings – Tank Restoration Services

Does your tank have damage to the lining causing it to leak? Let us fix (or prevent!) the leaks & restore your tank so you can get back in business. Over time, exposure to the elements can wear down the outside, and harsh chemicals can wear down the tank lining and cause leaks on the inside. The material inside the tank is at risk to become contaminated.

Leaks could also pose an environmental risk to your property and those surrounding it. With the proper coating, your tank is protected and your materials remain pure. Coatings can also help with the structural integrity of old tanks that need restoration.

We offer a wide range of linings and coatings. The type we use will depend on what you’re holding in your storage tank – whether your storage tanks contain harsh chemicals with dangerous vapors or potable water, we can help.

Is tank cleaning abrasive or non-abrasive?

In short, both! The pressures on our industrial grade high powered pressure washers can be adjusted for the type of tank cleaning job to make it non-abrasive or abrasive, depending on the job you need done.

If you’ve got a really tough project, we can even use slurry blasting. To make a slurry, we can add an environmentally safe aggregate to our water to increase its overall abrasive power so we can remove what you need us to.

No matter which method we employ to get your job done, we always make sure that we are environmentally friendly.

How long does it take?

Exterior hydroblasting will take less time than an interior washout. A typical exterior tank cleaning can be completed in 2-3 days.

Because many safety issues can arise with an interior tank cleaning, we are diligent to follow safety standards and protocols that are highly regulated by our industry. While an interior tank cleaning process may take longer, we will do quality work as fast as we can – we want you up and running again too!

When you call us and we discuss your tank cleaning project, we will be able to give you a better time estimate. Reach us by phone at 317-526-5015, we’re happy to discuss your specific situation to give you a time & cost estimate. We serve companies all over the United States.

What does a tank cleaner do?

Our cleaning tank field technicians use our methods of hydroblasting or slurry blasting to wash your tanks. Hydroblasting is our method of industrial grade pressure washing using water, but we can use detergents if needed. For those really tough tank cleaning jobs, we can also add particles to our water for our more abrasive slurry blasting.

Whether you need cleaning for routine maintenance or something more extensive, we are knowledgeable about the industrial tank cleaning process. After we’ve had our consultation with you, we will get the specific equipment that we need ready for the job site. If you need an exterior cleaning, we will use our exterior power washing & blasting services to get that job done for you.

For an interior washout, the tank cleaning process is more involved. Once you empty your tank for an interior washout, then we will bring our equipment to your site.

First, we make sure it’s safe for entry into the confined space of the tank and our tank cleaner has his safety equipment in place. Then our cleaner will go inside and use the high pressure machine and water to clean the interior and the pipes. This is called hydrojetting.

Once we vacuum up any remaining residue, we will make sure to follow proper waste removal and disposal procedures that follow our industry standards and environmental regulations.

Safety Precautions

When you hire us to clean your tank, rest assured that safety is our top priority. We are confined space entry certified and our technicians are constantly monitoring the cleaning through the use of safety checks.

Part of our safety gear includes a harness so our technicians can be removed at a moment’s notice. Our technicians who go into confined spaces wear an oxygen mask so the air is always safe for them to breathe.

We will pay attention to conditions in the field that may pose a risk for a weather related emergency response, such as extreme weather or lightning, especially when dealing with a chemical that is flammable.

We will also be mindful of extreme heat, especially for a water tank cleaner who is involved in a confined space entry. We are also mindful of nearby fire stations and hospital emergency rooms to get help if we need it.

How it works: Interior tank cleaning

Washing the interior of an industrial tank is an extensive cleaning process because we want to make sure your products and our people are safe.

We will first consult with you to see what specialized equipment and materials we need to clean your specific storage tanks. We want to ensure we have the equipment and appropriate safety measures in place depending on the type of products or chemical that’s in your industrial storage tank. We are diligent to follow all industry standards and safety regulations.

Our field technicians will have personal protective safety equipment and procedures in place before we begin the cleaning. This means running our hoses to our cleaning tank water, setting up appropriate equipment, and performing emergency lock out procedures. They will locate the emergency response shut off valves that are located in your industrial storage unit.

Our field technicians begin the cleaning process by first locking out the tank so that no material comes in while it is being cleaned.

After our field technicians can ensure the tank is safe for entry, they can then begin cleaning. We use hydroblasting – or high pressure water tank cleaning – to remove the residual material from the interior . We then remove waste appropriately, and then use hydrojetting (shooting water into the pipes) to clean the pipes of the tank.

If you need a coating or lining, we would apply those materials after a thorough cleaning.

giant tank
Mid America service truck on a job
Mid America tech inside a tank
Mid America tech on a job

What other services do you offer?

In addition to our cleaning tank services, we also offer these services to help keep your tank in great condition:

  • Exterior Paint Applications
  • Interior Paint Applications
  • Tank Linings & Coatings
  • Logo Applications 
  • Paint Touch-up
  • Fully Contained Lead Abatement

If you have equipment that needs to be cleaned with a more delicate method, check out our dry ice blasting method of cleaning.