Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting with MidAmerica Service Solutions

Professional Sandblasting Services To Get Your Facility And Equipment In Prime Condition.

As a business owner, you know that not only do clean industrial equipment and commercial facilities run more optimally, but they look more professional as well.

The Problems:

When buildings or equipment start looking dirty or rusty, problems begin...

  • Looks unprofessional: dirty equipment reflects poorly on you. Just how can your customers trust you to do a quality job for them if you don’t hold yourself to the same standard?
  • Slower turn around time: Jobs take longer with sub-par equipment and longer turn around times mean unhappy customers
  • Waiting too long can cost you: Rusty buildings, structures, or equipment will eventually mean costly repairs from damage or replacement 
  • Replacement doesn’t have to be an option: Replacing storage tanks or manufacturing equipment with new is not fiscally feasible or responsible. 

The Solution:

Sand blasting services by MidAmerica can help restore your equipment and get them looking like new. Whether you need to remove rust, oil, grime or grease from your equipment or surface preparation for painting or your storage tank coatings, we’ve got you covered. 

Ready for Sand Blasting from MidAmerica Service Solutions?

Don’t know how to begin? No problem. Clients call from all over the United States, so we’ve made it simple. 

1. Request a quote

2. Equipment is restored

3. Production resumes with minimal downtime

Remove the hassle of this big project and let the experts at MidAmerica Service Solutions do your job right the first time. Save time and money by hiring us for your next sand blasting project.

  • Clear expectations: You’ll have a clear plan of action from the very start & know exactly what to expect.
  • experience: More inexperienced companies can use too high pressure or the wrong type of abrasive media that can leave your equipment damaged. You can trust that our sandblasting will make your equipment better, not worse.
  • SAve time: Your time is important to us, we know you can’t afford delays. We know exactly which blasting media to use and which pressure will be most effective- you’ll get the results you want in a time frame you can be happy with.
  • safety: Our employee and customer safety is our #1 priority in any job we do. Our highly trained technicians do the job within OSHA and environmental regulations.
  • No hassle: You don’t have to worry about cleaning up the grime, dirt, oil, lead paint or other toxic materials. We do all of that for you.
  • No pushy sales tactics: You won’t be sold services you don’t need. Other companies will try to sell unnecessary add-on services just to increase their bottom line. We don’t do that at MidAmerica - we’ll be straight and up front with you the entire way.

What is the sand blasting process?

The primary purpose of sand blasting is to clean & restore surfaces by removing old paint or rust and to prepare for new paint or coatings. The process of abrasive blasting (just another name for sand blasting) involves using specialized equipment that combines highly pressurized compressed air and some type of abrasive media through a hose and then pointed at the surface that needs the abrasive blast treatment. The combined use of pressure means the media used comes out at extremely high speeds which becomes a tightly focused blast by the nozzle. That provides the means for a thorough and deep cleaning: the surface will be smooth, clean and ready for coatings. 

What sand can be used for sandblasting?

Again, this is another reason to hire professionals when you’re looking to complete this type of work. Silica sand was used for years, but due to the intense pressure applied by sand particles, some of those particles were aerosolized and inhaled, causing certain types of lung diseases and cancers.

Today, much better precautions are taken, including the use of appropriate personal protective equipment and blasting media products that are not dangerous to people or the environment. Sand is rarely used today due to environmental regulations. The term “sandblasting” remains but is encompassing all types of media. We at MidAmerica Service Solutions will know which media is the best to use for your sandblasting job: aluminum oxide, coal slag, corn cob, crushed glass, glass bead, garnet, pumice, plastic, silicon carbide, sodium bicarbonate, steel grit, steel shot, and walnut shell.

Save your sanity and choose us for your next job

Many people do not realize that sand blasting is a very nuanced and detail-oriented job. Your facility might need different abrasive blasting services, like shot blasting, slurry blasting, or even dry ice blasting to get the results you want without damaging your structures.

When dealing with high pressure situations (literally) and potentially hazardous debris, it could even negatively affect your people and the environment as well. Subpar equipment and a beginner's knowledge will not get you the results you’re looking for, and can often become even more costly than hiring professionals to begin with.

You’ll be glad you chose to pursue your next abrasive blasting project with MidAmerica Service Solutions. 


before sand blasting

This 3300 gallon Nitrogen tank had been through many years of weathering and beginning to show signs of rust.


after sand blasting

Stripped down to the base metal and prepared for new coat of paint