Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting: The Coolest Way to Clean

You can now drastically reduce your downtime by unleashing the cleaning power of dry ice.

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Save time and money with Dry Ice Blasting

Taking days off for downtime for cleaning inevitably costs you time and money. With disassembly, cleaning, clean up and reassembly, the industrial cleaning process can drag on and on.

Stop using inconvenient cleaning methods that take time away from production. Give your equipment an incredibly thorough cleaning without the hassle of more traditional cleaning methods. With dry ice blasting, you get back to work faster!

  • Faster cleaning: dry ice blasting machines have the capability to clean in all the nooks and crannies other machines can’t reach, which means you might not have to disassemble your equipment
  • Decreased clean up time: Since the dry ice turns back into gas on impact, there’s no secondary waste to clean up with dry ice blasting
  • Superior cleaning power: Get the heavy duty elbow grease you need that’s strong enough to give you that industrial grade cleaning without damaging what’s underneath!

Witness the cleaning power of dry ice:

What dry ice blasting includes

Give your equipment a dry ice blast cleaning, an incredibly efficient cleaning method that gives a superior clean.

  • Cost Effective: When compared with other cleaners, you’ll have less downtime and get back to production sooner.
  • Increased Productivity: equipment cleaned with dry ice performs better, keeps production going and your customers happy.
  • Environment Friendly: Dry ice blasting cleans without utilizing precious resources like water. Instead use frozen carbon dioxide so there’s no wasted water and no toxic chemicals. Exceptional cleaning power without secondary waste is good for planet Earth and for your wallet!
dry ice blasting for foundry

It’s time to increase your efficiency

  • get a custom quote
  • get cleaned up
  • get back to work

What makes dry ice blasting different?

equipment before getting cleaned

Equipment prior to cleaning

equipment after getting cleaned

Equipment after dry ice blasting has taken place

Mid America Service Solutions provides environmentally friendly industrial and residential cleaning and restoration services across America. We offer a variety of services to make cleaning and restoring easier and safer. With many years of experience, you can count on a professional and fairly priced experience with Mid America.

It’s all about the results. 

When you choose the experts for your next cleaning job, you’ll have a plan that’s easy to follow that delivers the results you deserve.

  • Get quicker results. Using dry ice blasting means no secondary waste to clean up and cleaning without disassembly. 
  • Boost your production. Machines serviced with a meticulous dry ice cleaning perform better and function more efficiently than dirty machines.
  • Increase your efficiency. Decrease delays in production due to slow or malfunctioning machinery.
  • Improve the safety of your employees and your facility.
  • Prolong the life of your facility or equipment. Dry ice blasting doesn’t leave wet residue so mold can’t grow and rust won’t develop.
  • Provide environmentally friendly solutions. Deep cleaning with dry ice is even suitable for food grade machinery and can help remove dangerous mold.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it, it seems odd to think that we can use compressed air and dry ice pellets to provide industrial grade cleaning services. Learn how dry ice blasting uses liquid carbon dioxide that is frozen into ice pellets and utilized with specialized cleaning equipment.

What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning method that works by leveraging non-abrasive dry ice media. A blasting machine sends a cold jet of carbon dioxide cleansing agents to deliver a sparkly-clean result no matter the surface. Dry ice is a non-conductive and non corrosive media, so you can even use it on electronic equipment without worry! 

A dry ice blaster utilizes a stream of compressed air and dry ice pellets to remove dirt and grime in a non-destructive manner. Traditional blasting equipment can be abrasive to the surface of the item, but this isn’t the case with dry ice blasting technology.

The dry ice blasting method uses pressurized air and a jet of dry ice to cleanse a surface, which means it’s a dry process, not a wet one. You don’t have to wait longer to get back to work because you’re waiting for equipment to dry like you would if you used water.  

A dry ice blasting machine like the Cold Jet i3 Microclean, Aero 40FP, Aero 80FP or the SDI Select 60 are a few of the blasting machines by Cold Jet that are commonly found in the field.

Cold Jet i3 microclean

Cold Jet i3 Microclean

Will Dry ice blasting remove paint?

Dry ice blasting equipment is used to remove paint that’s failing and many other types of debris on a multitude of surfaces. Blasting systems that use dry ice pelletizers have incredible cleaning power, yet are non toxic, non-abrasive and won’t damage the surface being cleaned. Our dry ice blasting machine can remove paint and graffiti effortlessly.

How is dry ice made?

Dry ice for blasting is manufactured by a type of production hardware called dry ice pelletizers. Dry ice is available in pellet, slab or block form, and is created by lowering the temperature of co2 until it converts from gas to solid. Converting blocks of dry ice to pellets is accomplished by pelletizers that extrude large blocks into strands that break into pellet size.

Dry ice production equipment controls a process where liquid co2 converts into a solid at -109 degrees fahrenheit to become a powerful cleaning agent. The almost explosive quality of dry ice when propelled against a surface allows a clean like no other. Cold Jets dry ice blasting equipment delivers a polar clean that works to cleanse almost any surface.

Where do i buy dry ice?

When you partner with us to clean your equipment, we’ll bring all the dry ice we need to complete the job. We also sell dry ice in quantities of 500lbs and larger

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