Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting with Mid America Service Solutions

Industrial strength blast cleaning without the worry of damage or the hassle of clean up with soda blasting.

Get back to work fast. Keep your equipment in tip-top shape. Maintain the quality products your clients expect & optimize your production. 

Looking for a safer way to clean? We know that dirty equipment can make production slow and inefficient. When downtime hits, It ends up costing you money and potentially contaminating your products or diminishing the quality of your work. Let us restore your machinery fast with soda blasting so that you can get back doing what you do best.

Choose Soda blasting with Mid America Services Solutions & Get the benefits of:

  • Experience: we have the expertise to understand your job
  • Customization: We know how to do your exact job - we’ll give you what you need and won’t try to sell you something you don’t
  • Convenience: We take care of the entire project - all you do is pick up the phone & call us
  • Quick turnaround time: When downtime hits, either expected or not, we’ve got the right equipment and the best personnel available to get you up and running again
  • Environmentally Friendly: Baking soda media is approved by the FDA to be used as an A1 Cleaner - meaning that we can use it for food grade production machinery

Ready for Soda Blasting from Mid America Service Solutions?

Here’s how our simple process works:

1. Request a quote

2. Equipment is restored

3. Production resumes with minimal downtime

Soda Blasting Done Right

Soda blasting cleans by removing the grime and oil that comes with normal wear and tear without damaging your equipment. By using a soda blaster with the right amount of pressure, sodium bicarbonate is also gentle but powerful media for removing  soot and fire damage that also deodorizes. 

The unique properties of soda & it’s particle size make it ideal for cleaning machinery or softer materials. Because it’s softer, the soda will explode on contact with the substrate (don’t worry, it’s supposed to!) But we find It’s important to note that the clean up can be a nightmare if you try to do it on your own - it’s best to hire professionals like us to take that hassle out of your hands. We know how to contain the mess and dispose of everything in compliance with industry standards, leaving you with sparkling clean equipment/facilities and none of the headache.

What soda is used for blasting?

Soda blasting is a cleaning method that uses compressed air at high pressures combined with a specific formulation of sodium bicarbonate - which is also known as baking soda, though not the same products you buy in the grocery store. The abrasive media we use in our soda blaster is a specific type of baking soda for blasting. Blasting with soda is still abrasive, but considerably more gentle than sandblasting, it won’t cause damage to the surface that is being cleaned. A soda blast will use less pressure than traditional sandblasting, and blasting soda media is so environmentally friendly that it has even been used to clean historic icons like the Statue of Liberty!

Does soda blasting remove paint?

The abrasive blasting power that is used with soda blasting can be used to remove paint, grease, mold, oil, or soot without damaging the surfaces underneath, like glass, chrome, or even thin sheet metal. It can even be used to clean more fragile surfaces like fiberglass, wood, plastics, even carbon fiber.