Silo Cleaning

Silo Cleaning with MidAmerica Service Solutions

Higher Efficiency & Streamlined Production

Increase your efficiency and maximize your production with thoroughly clean silos inside or out.

Common silo problems:

Have you noticed some of these efficiency problems with your storage silo due to residue build up?

  • Slower product release 
  • “Chunky” product release
  • More frequent product fills
  • Slowed down production
  • Decreased profits
  • Contaminated products

When you’re not sure what to do, you need a team of experts on your side that not only identify the cause of these problems with your silo, but also know how to help you fix it. That means you can get back to work.

Easy Solutions:

Often, common problems are due to residue build up within the silo. By regularly cleaning your silo as a part of routine maintenance, your productivity can remain on par. But even if you need something more extensive than a cleaning service, you want to choose a company that will give you a custom plan based on your environment, products & specific industry. 

We service clients with any type of silo: concrete, steel, flat or cone bottom, funnel or mass flow.

Your Silo Service Cleaning Plan

Here's your 3 step plan to get started.

Our plan to get you back to your maximum productivity is simple. We serve clients all over the United States in a variety of industries. 

1. Request a quote

2. Your Silo is cleaned

3. Production resumes with minimal downtime

Clean for maximum efficiency

Regular silo cleaning is one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re running at optimum efficiency and preventing the potential complications like the blockages that eventually come from the residue build-up of your products. When you’re running optimally, you can easily meet your production goals. Don’t let residue build-up slow you down.

What types of silos do you clean?

We can clean any type of storage silo or storage tank in any industry, including but not limited to: 

  • bulk powders or granules
  • animal feed
  • grain products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • industrial powders
  • salt
  • fly ash
  • lime
  • cement
  • coal

A silo cleaning plan tailored specifically to you:

Your silo is specific to your industry and our professional team of experts know how to handle your equipment & material with care. We select the best cleaning method for your particular system.

Your job is done carefully and with expert precision to make sure that our silo cleaning equipment or cleaning methods aren’t a source of contaminants to your material.

For example, food product silos pose the risk of fungal & bacterial growth, harboring pests & insects, and introducing other sources of contaminants. Regular silo cleaning adds a measure of safety from all these contaminants and reduces the potential of lost material. We use good manufacturing practices while cleaning your silo.

Dry ice blasting removes debris and leaves your silo completely dry with no secondary waste. The waste is pulverized when it’s cleaned, and the dry ice evaporates on contact. You won’t have to worry about dry times or rust formation due to the presence of water. You don’t have to worry about water being trapped in all those nooks and crannies resulting in mold or other problems. 

What is silo cleaning?

Silo cleaning is a process that involves emptying materials from a storage silo and removing residue from the sides. It involves removing the buildup of materials from a storage vessel so that your materials can flow freely and can maximize your production.

Since silos are huge structures filled with potentially hazardous material, interior silo cleaning & residue removal is a dangerous task that requires a skilled team and specialized equipment for confined space entry.

What are the problems from residue buildup in a silo?

Over time, you can expect that the material your silos hold will buildup on the inside of the silo. Buildup can decrease product flow, thereby decreasing the efficiency of “first in, first out” model many silos use. 

Blockages slow down production time.

Delaying the removal of material buildup can lead to dangerous blockages or bridging. Blockages and bridging means that you might see your material come out of your silo in chunks, have very slow flow, or not come out at all. Not only do blockages hinder you from using your silo to maximum storage capacity, it results in slowed production and decreased profits. More importantly, blockages pose a danger to you and your storage vessel. Your situation then changes from a slowed production scenario to a safety issue.

Damage to your silo.

Blockages also hinder the flow of gravity, thereby holding up newer material and putting uneven pressure on the interior of the silo. All that material pressing down on the blockage means this uneven pressure could damage the structure and compromise the interior coatings. Damaging your structure and contaminating your products means lost material and even bigger problems for you.

Removing buildup helps to restore flow rate and optimize the storage capacity of the silo. With silo cleaning from Mid America Service Solutions, you can expect to recover some of your products which means increased money in your pocket. 

Don’t delay any more, get a quote from us today!