Mold Remediation

Has Mold Stopped You From Doing Business At Your Facility? 

Mid America Service Solutions quickly removes mold safely so you can get back to work. Hiring us to remove your mold reduces your down time and will get you back to business quickly.

We at Mid America Service Solutions are ready for you! 

Huge issues and complications can arise from finding mold in your facility. Quick removal is key to keep your products free from contamination, stop mold from damaging your building and your machines. Keep your employees healthy and free from the harmful effects of mold exposure.

We are:

  • FAST: We have the necessary equipment available & ready to get your job done quickly
  • LICENSED: We have all the credentials we need to remove mold. Our methods are FDA and USDA approved.
  • INVOLVED: Unlike huge corporations, our CEO is involved in every step of the process to make sure you get what you need & nothing you don’t.
  • EXPERIENCED: Our highly competent team is experienced and knows which questions to ask to get your job done right.
  • PROFESSIONAL: We don’t just look at the problem itself, we look at the multiple factors that caused your problem so that you can prevent future problems, too!
  • UP FRONT: We are honest about what you need and keep you informed about progress and issues that may arise while we are doing your job - you’ll never have to wonder what we’re doing.

"I use this company to do my mold remediation they were very professional and on time and did what they said would I recommend them to anybody."

Rick Matherly

Mold Remediation Customer

Mold remediation: Trust the Experts

There’s nothing like walking into the nightmare of finding mold. Your stomach sinks, and instantly you think of all the money, time, and materials it will take to correct this health hazard. Not to mention all the money you’re losing since you have to shut down production.

Plant managers & property owners call us when they have a problem. They know that we know you need to get the mold out now, and we know how to do it right.

How Our Process Works


Step 1 - Request a quote. 

Call or contact us for a quote.


Step 2 - We inspect your facility or building

We’ll give our expert opinion on which of our mold removal methods will work best and we look at the whole scope of the problem to prevent it from coming back.


Step 3 - We come and clean it up!

You can rest easy knowing we handle all of the details so you don’t have to.


Step 4 - You Get back to work.

Let us do what we do best so you can get back to what YOU do best.

Our Methods

As mold remediation and mold removal experts, we have a variety of ways to remove mold that are safe and effective.

We remove the wet & damaged porous material as regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. After we remove the material, then we will come in and clean.

Two of our most popular methods of mold removal are the standard method or dry ice blasting method.

Traditional Mold Removal

Perfect for Building Owners, General Contractors, Property Owners or anyone who has found water damage from any number of sources: roof leaks, busted pipes, or a number of natural disasters like tornadoes, hail, floods, or hurricanes.

Dry Ice Blasting Services

Perfect for Plant managers, facility managers, production engineers or anyone who works in a manufacturing or production facility. Machines with mold - especially food production machinery - cannot be treated with fungicides. Our FDA and USDA approved dry ice blasting method is safe for cleaning these machines so you don’t have to worry about contaminating your product with biocides. This means you get back to work faster.

There’s no need to panic if you’ve found mold- we can help. We at Mid America Service Solutions can quickly and professionally fix your mold problem. Treat mold quickly & keep it from becoming an even bigger problem.

Call us now at 317-526-4836 for a consultation.

Have Questions?

No problem. You’ll find answers to the common questions mold professionals like us get when it comes to mold & mold remediation.

What can happen if mold is left untreated?

Mold will continue to spread and affect bigger areas. It can contaminate your food in your production facility. It can eat away at the structures in your building little by little. It can cause health issues in those who spend time in your building. 

Health Concerns

According to the CDC, black mold exposure is no worse than exposure to other types of mold. However, untreated mold growth increases mold spores in the air and can affect both people and pets.

The air circulation system in your facility can blow mold spores all throughout your building, making everyone exposed to lower quality air and varying health problems. Some of the health effects affiliated with mold have different levels of severity, depending on the type of mold and how long a person has been exposed to it.

Health problems from mold (including black mold) exposure include:

  • Allergy flare ups
  • Asthma flare ups
  • Wheezing or coughing
  • Chronic cold-like symptoms
  • Nausea

Building and Structure Damage

Structural mold damage to a building or a home is another big concern. Since mold is an organic decomposer, it will do what it naturally does - break things down. There’s a reason it smells!

Untreated mold can weaken your structure as it continues to spread and eat away the materials that keep your building strong and your equipment running. Weak structures due to mold damage or otherwise can be disastrous to the inhabitants of your building and the building itself. It can be very costly to fix if not done properly. 

What causes mold in the first place?

Mold growth occurs where water is present and not cleaned up. Moisture can build up due to the constant varying temperatures between the inside and outside of the building. Water damage can happen from a leaking roof, storm damage, busted pipe, a broken dehumidifier, or for a variety of reasons. 

What should you do about mold?

Mold removal should be done by professionals. With all the safety protocols that industrial facilities and businesses have in place, using professional mold removal services ensures you are compliant with the regulations of your industry.

How quickly can you get rid of the mold?

As a mold remediation professional service, we are prepared to get rid of your mold quickly and efficiently. We know the safest and most effective way for mold removal so that we can keep more mold damage from becoming a bigger problem.

Since we have all the equipment, fungicides, and encapsulants on hand, we can get the job done fast. The length of the removal will depend on the severity of the mold spread and the type of mold itself, but we are always prepared to get started.

The Mold Remediation Process: How mold professionals do it

When you’ve taken measures to stop the source of the moisture, we are then able to come in to do a mold inspection in the area of concern. A thorough mold remediation inspection will determine how the mold was created and how it was able to spread. And if you’re concerned it’s not mold growth but something else, we are able to test the material in question.

As a standard in our molds removal services, our project manager or superintendent is onsite for the entire process. Our competent technicians are knowledgeable and take the proper protective and safety measures to ensure your mold removal and remediation are done right the first time.

How to avoid mold growth in the future

To prevent more mold growth in the future, keep the water out.

Finding mold in your home, production facility, or machinery is never fun, so prevention is key to protect your investment the best you can.

You’ll want to keep each area that is prone to mold clean and dry. Proper ventilation, making areas water tight, and using a dehumidifier are all ways to prevent mold.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you’re worried you’ve discovered an area of black mold or something else, take advantage of our mold remediation services. We are ready to help.