What is hydroblasting?

Hydroblasting is an approach to cleaning surfaces through the use of high powered water coming in contact with the surfaces. There are no abrasives used in hydroblasting services.

Hydroblasting is commonly used to remove paint and surface debris that collects over time on industrial equipment. When something looks to be impossible to clean, hydroblasting services can usually clean industrial surfaces down to bare metal upon contact.

At Mid America, our staff are trained to clean with high powered machinery while maximizing safety and bringing new life to equipment to get you back on track.

As a recognized industry leader with a powerful combination of advanced technology, skill, experience and safety record, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your equipment will be thoroughly cleaned by Mid America. Professional staff and ultra-high pressure water blasting equipment means that the job will be done right the first time.

What is Hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting is an approach to cleaning clogged or slow pipes and lines. High pressure water is sent into lines to remove build-ups and blockages.

The liquid is delivered into lines and pipes at around 35 – 40,000 psi, which is a high enough pressure to remove just about any type of blockage. The pressures created in hydro jetting is immense and is the preferred cleaning method for the interior of any pipe or line.

Custom Hydroblasting Solutions

From conventional 10,000 psi pressures to the combination of liquid and aggregate at more than 40,000 psi, we can provide the blasting equipment, advanced technology and power to meet your needs.

We handle the cleaning to keep your business running at peak efficiency and keep services functioning. You don’t need to operate at less than full capacity because of a cleaning problem. Mid America has staff across the United States ready to come and help you get back to full capability.

From the largest industrial cleaning job to the most intricate medical equipment cleaning using dry ice blasting, Mid America exists to help your business stay online and your equipment and services running at all times.

Advantages of Hydroblasting

  • Blasting cleans exterior and interior surfaces better than any other non-abrasive solution available today.
  • The most effective system of cutting through a material like concrete is through the use of hydroblasting services.
  • There are no chemicals required to hydroblast.
  • As the cleaning solution is water, this is an environmentally friendly cleaning method.
  • Blasting can be an automated cleaning process, taking out the human factor and achieving a programmatic clean.
  • Easily access hard to reach and hazardous areas.

Advantages of Hydro Jetting

  • Thoroughly cleans any pipe or line using high pressure water.
  • Hydro jetting allows interior surfaces to be cleaned in a non-destructive manner.
  • Removes bacteria, dirt and grime.
  • Cost effective alternative to other cleansing methods.
  • Chemical free cleansing is environmentally friendly.
  • Long lasting clean. Once the pipe is clean, it’s harder for buildup to adhere to the industrial surfaces in the future.
  • Faster method to clean compared to other approaches.

Our Hydroblasting goal

Our goal is to always exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering hydroblasting services that produce a clean like they’ve never seen before. We believe that our reputation will grow our business and services, and we treat each of our customers exactly the way that we want to be treated ourselves.

We strive to deliver a clean that not only gets your equipment running more efficiently, but also makes you take notice that we’re a different kind of hydroblasting company.

Hydroblasting Applications

Tank cleaning
Recovery boilers
Boiler water walls
Power boilers
Utility boilers
Interior surfaces
Exterior surfaces
Barge leaning
Ship cleaning

Vessel cleaning
Heat Exchangers
Concrete Removal
Asphalt Removal
Sludge Lines
Product Deposit Removal
Feedwater Exchangers

Cooling Tower Components
Heat Exchanger cleaning (ID and OD; In-Unit and on the Pad)
Hydro-cutting (Specialized track systems using various media for critical cuts)
Boiler De-slagging
Tanks and Towers
Air Heater Baskets
Pendants, back pass, firebox, Economizer and cyclones

Back pass/Pendant backspace cleaner
Air Heaters
Grizzly bar intakes
Water box IDs
Hydrostatic Testing
Low pressure IDs
Blast pads
High pressure specialty cutting
Online boiler cleaning

Hydro Jetting Applications

Boiler tubes
Condenser tubes
Drainage lines

Shellside tube bundles


Multi-tube lances

Flex lancing

Line moling

Case Study

Mid America Service Solutions was recently contacted by a Bio Refinery to work a shut-down project where the timeline was crucial. The customer had scheduled another contracting company who canceled at the last minute. The customer was in a predicament to get the project completed on time. Mid America Service Solutions scheduled the project in accordance to the shut-down timeline. The scope of the work was Hydrojetting an evaporator coil with 20,000 PSI that was 40 feet tall. Mid America Service Solutions was able to schedule this last minute, complete the job on time and to the customer’s satisfaction. At Mid America Service Solutions we pride ourselves on excellent service and customer satisfaction.

Mid America Service Solutions Coverage Area

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