Fire Restoration

For People And Business Owners Who Have Had Fire Damage, Our Solution For Fire Damage Restoration Services Is Safe, Effective, And Fast. Mid America Service Solutions can help get you back to normal after a fire with fire restoration services.

We recognize the emotional stress that comes from dealing with a fire and its aftermath. Here’s why business owners, general contractors, plant managers, and building superintendents choose us to help get them up and running.

  • FAST: We can get started on damage cleanup quickly
  • EFFICIENT: We don’t want to waste time or money - we know the best way of repairing fire damage and will do it right the first time
  • SAFE: We follow all OSHA, Hazwoper and EPA standards
  • PERSONAL: The last thing you want after a trauma is a “faceless” fire restoration company coming in to try and restore normalcy.
fire restoration

Fire Restoration Services: The Experts Are Here For You

Not only is going through a fire stressful, cleaning up the fire damage adds to the overall anxiety. You could have structural damage, smoke damage, layers of soot, and water damage from the firefighting efforts. Not only could structures be damaged, but untreated water could cause further problems, making it vital you address the damage promptly. Building & property owners know they can trust us with their damage restoration process. 

Our Fire Restoration Process: How It Works:


Step 1 - Request a quote. 

Call us 317-619-7791 to discuss your job & schedule a site visit.


Step 2 - Damage Assessment

We come and inspect your property. Every fire is different - our restoration technicians will help to assess the damage and determine the best course of action.


Step 3 - Clean Up

We come in and complete the fire damage cleanup. We take care of all the details so you don’t have to.


Step 4 - You Get back to work.

fire restoration
fire restoration
fire restoration

Our Fire Damage Cleaning Methods:

Water Removal

We use industrial grade air movers, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers to get rid of moisture left over from the fire department hoses. Since remaining water can encourage mold growth or more structure damage later on, we take this step very seriously. We want a thorough job done right the first time. 

Smoke & Soot Cleaning

Fire and smoke damage leaves soot and odor layers. We have several different fire restoration techniques that are available for our clients. We can use any combinations of our dry ice blasting or soda blasting methods. 

  • Dry Ice Blasting: Notably faster and safer than traditional remediation methods, which can reduce overall costs. Because we are particularly skilled in dry ice blasting and utilize specialized equipment - we can access tight & confined areas that other crews can’t reach! Dry ice blasting also provides a complete clean on brick, metal, wood, and a variety of other building materials. 

Smoke Odor Elimination

Our goal is to make it seem there never was fire damage or water damage. The scent of smoke and soot can tend to linger, and our methods and techniques allow us to reach even the tightest of spaces, ensuring a thorough cleaning so you can settle back in and not smell a thing. 

Fire Restoration Repairs

While we are not a general contractor, we work to keep you informed of any additional structural repairs your building might need. As with any good fire damage restoration service, we are constantly examining your property and will alert you to anything we find that may be of concern to you, now or in the future. 

If you’re struggling with the chaos of a fire event, the Mid America team is here to help restore your home or business. Please don’t delay in reaching out. We can make it right - call us today!