Log Cabin Restoration

There’s nothing quite like the cozy, rustic nature of a log cabin home. Whether you own a place where you can escape on the weekends or your log cabin is your full-time address, you already know that caring for these structures requires a little extra TLC. 

Our Log Home Services

Spend your time enjoying your log cabin, not worrying about it. At Mid America, we love working with residential and commercial log cabin owners. Whenever you need a hand with your property’s maintenance, our team of restoration experts is here to help.

  • Exterior Cleaning/Blasting
  • Log Home Staining/Clear Coats
  • Log Home Chinking/Caulking
  • Deck Cleaning & Sealing

A great log home will be built to last, but regular cleanings and fresh stain (or a clear coat) can go a long way to restore your cabin to its original beauty. Of course, some log cabins may require a more comprehensive restoration process. But once the work is done, your log home can look better than ever.

"Excellent work on refinishing our log home. Jason and his crew worked under difficult conditions and turned out a great product on our log home. Excellent company to work with now and in the future."

Vincent Schneider

Log Home Owner

Ready to get started with Log Cabin Restoration?

Here’s how our simple process works:

1. You contact us and get a quote.

log cabin restoration

2. Your log home is restored

3. You have peace of mind and enjoy your cabin.

Mid America Log Cabin Process

Deciding to restore your log cabin lets you get the picture-perfect exterior you want for your home or commercial building. From regular log cabin cleanings to large-scale log home restoration projects, the Mid America team can do it all. We’re proud to work with clients from start-to-finish for a simple, streamlined process:

Log cabin prep

Since every property is different, we always start our projects with a careful review of your log home, from top to bottom. Locating any wood rot and identifying areas that need new chinking helps ensure that your cabin is structurally-sound and that our final result will be great.

Log cabin restoration
Log cabin mid restoration

log home restoration

Once the prep work is complete, we can begin analyzing other services your structure might need. Our crew can select the right blasting material for your site (whether corn cob blasting, dry ice blasting, or another abrasive), and manage all the necessary steps to clean your cabin’s exterior.

log cabin in the middle of restoration process

As we complete our prep work, we will have an even better idea of what your home might need. Our crew can select the right blasting material for your site (whether corn cob blasting, dry ice blasting, or another abrasive), and manage all the necessary steps to clean your cabin’s exterior.

log cabin stain & refinish

The last step is to apply a new stain or a clear coat finish to your log home. Taking care throughout the entire restoration process helps this stage go smoothly. We take pride in our team’s efficiency to give clients the like-new look they’ve been wanting for their home.

Whether you need a one-time log cabin cleaning service or a more robust restoration, let our expertise guide you through the process. Our passion for ongoing education and environmentally-safe practices help set our team apart. To learn more, or to schedule your complimentary log cabin consultation, contact us today!

Why do you need log cabin restoration?

Log homes require a different type of maintenance and TLC than modern homes. The elements that contribute to weathering like wind, sun, water, and pests pose unique risks for log cabins. You’re trying to actively prevent nature from doing what it does to a fallen tree in the forest - nature would break the tree down and it would decompose. 

  1. 1
    UV rays can dry out the exterior logs and crack, letting moisture in.
  2. 2
    Once moisture gets into your logs, mold and mildew starts.
  3. 3
    Pests move into dark and damp environments, too, and further degrade the wood. 

That’s why the Mid America team is focused on prevention by keeping your wood sealed and joints water-tight - letting problems get out of hand will cause structural damage. We want your investment to last a lifetime! 

Protect your investment

Routine inspection and maintenance will be the key to keeping the home you love in tip top shape and will save you from costly repairs. But even if your log home requires more than just a cleaning, Mid America Service Solutions will guide you on the right path.

While there are varying degrees of log cabin restoration, the main aspect of good home maintenance and long term preservation is making sure your log cabin is water tight and resistant to moisture and pests. Even the most prudent homeowner might find some discoloration from mold, mildew, or fungal growth during an annual inspection of your structure. If addressed early and swiftly, most problems can often be easily remedied. 

Log Cabin Restoration Services:

Annual Maintenance

  • Cleaning: this is best done annually with special soap specifically designed for log homes and using a pressure washer to only rinse it off, not strip the wood.
  • Inspection: While you’re cleaning is a great time to check to see if your home needs further maintenance or repairs.
  • Check that your sealant is in good condition - If your sealant is repelling water, then you’re good. If not, it might be time for resealing.
  • Check for Mold Growth - If you see an area with black or green discoloration, you’ll need to get the mold growth under control. That indicates that moisture is getting into your logs, and could mean bigger problems down the road.
  • Water damage - If you have soft spots in your wood, or if Check that the wood in your house can dry adequately and that water can drain away from your structure.
  • Check for pests - carpenter bees like to make their nest in your home, and that should be obvious if you have them around. Other indications of an insect infestation include sawdust (called frass) on the lower boards of your home, made by insects inside the wood. 

Every 3-5 Years

  • Reapplying Sealant: aside from annual inspection and completing obvious repairs, using the proper sealant is probably the most important thing that affects the longevity of your log home, because it keeps the logs water tight and keeps pests from damaging your house.

As Needed

  • Repair damaged logs
  • Restore chinking and caulking - You want to keep your log home free from water damage and pests. Restoring the chinking and caulking will ensure that water stays out and carpenter bees won’t have an access point to bore into the wood.
  • Refinishing - We hope you never get this far, but if you do, it’s ok. If you’ve got extensive damage to your wood, then the current stain might need to be stripped away with media blasting and proper log repair completed to those that have been damaged. The wood would then be restained, followed by a sealant and top coat to maximize preservation.

How often should my log cabin be resealed?

Depending on the type of sealants, you should expect to reseal your home every 3-5 years to protect your home from sun & wind damage, pests, and moisture. Technology and advancements in log home sealing products could stretch that out even longer.

Things to keep in mind:

Your sealant should let water that is in the logs escape so it can dry while not allowing moisture into the log - your sealant needs to act like a one way exit.

Your sealant should also have insecticides to prevent a termite infestation, and also a contact insecticide so that carpenter bees don’t decide to make a nice little home in your nice little home.