Machinery Cleaning

Have you had to STOP production due to dirty machinery?

Mid America Service Solutions helps businesses reduce down time by cleaning your industrial machinery & equipment components to like-new conditions! Trust Mid America Service Solutions for your INDUSTRIAL & MACHINE CLEANING Services. Machinery cleaning is an extremely important undertaking to keep your equipment working optimally and your products pure & free from contamination. Let us remove the build-up, dirt, and debris.

industrial machinery before cleaning

Machinery before being cleaned.

industrial machinery after cleaning

Machinery after being cleaned

Mid America Service Solutions is:

  • Professional: We know you want the job done right the first time and we know how to do just that!
  • FAST: We know the ins and outs of machinery cleaning so we can get your job done quickly
  • VERSATILE: We have a number of cleaning methods, cleaning equipment, knowledge to serve clients in a variety of industries. Anywhere from food processing to auto manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, we provide the best industrial cleaning services. .
  • INVOLVED: Our CEO is involved in every single one of our jobs to ensure your questions are answered and you get back to work fast!
  • LICENSED: We take safety very seriously
  • OSHA certified
  • Hazwoper certified
  • Confined Space Entrant certified
  • Lead abatement certified 

How our industrial cleaning process works:


Step 1 - Request a quote. 

Call us to discuss your cleaning project & schedule a site visit


Step 2 - Assessment

We inspect your site and make our recommendations based on our years of experience. We’ll take timing and your production into consideration so we can decrease your down time.


Step 3 - Clean Up

We come and clean your machines! Because we take the time to go through your job with you before it starts, we have everything ready for your job to get it done fast!


Step 4 - You Get back to work.

Your machinery is as good as new and you get back to work!

We offer a variety of professional machine cleaning services:

We can clean everything from intricate manufacturing machines to industrial tanks using our cleaning methods. Which cleaning method will we use for your machine? Cleaning machinery in the industrial world is no small feat. We take every job seriously and will recommend a custom plan based on your industry. 


Cleaning your machine or tank with industrial strength power washing is just one part of the cleaning services we offer. Whether you need just water, steam, degreasers, or a specific cleaning agent, we’ve got you covered. We can add aggregates to our pressure washers to make it abrasive, too! Learn more here...

Dry Ice Blasting

We use dry ice pellets to clean delicate machines without leaving contaminants or harmful debris. We can even do some industrial cleaning without disassembly! Learn more here...

Who is it for?

Our machinery cleaning is for any industry with Automated Industrial Manufacturing components and machinery including:

  • Ethanol Production Oil & Gas
  • Power Production
  • Food Processing
  • Agriculture Machinery and Buildings
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Printing
  • Aerospace

We are your go-to when you need cleaning. Trust the experts at Mid America Service Solutions to get your machines as good as new and your team BACK TO WORK. We’re ready for you - call us today!