Vacuum Truck

Vacuum truck services for your industrial, commercial, or municipal job. 

Vacuum tankers are a critical part of an industrial cleaning process. Without the right team and proper equipment at your disposal, you’re faced with production delays, project setbacks, and potential environmental hazards.

Having the proper industrial vacuum trucks with a professional team working for you means you’ll get:

  • Quick and thorough removal of liquid sludges
  • A filtered vacuum system - your dry material is contained and will not create a dust cloud
  • Safe holding vessel for wet or dry materials, even if they are hazardous
  • Prevent water sources from becoming contaminated
  • Proper disposal of waste, if needed

Remove your frustration and keep your job moving

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2. Vacuum truck service comes and cleans up the mess

3. Production resumes with minimal downtime

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Need cleaning without blasting?

Sometimes you don’t need extensive cleaning, you just need material removed or held so your project can continue. Industrial vacuum trucks are designed perfectly for those times. We can vacuum powders, dirt, liquids, sewage, waste, and even hazardous materials. 

Applications for a vacuum truck:

Industrial vacuum loaders are an extremely versatile piece of industrial equipment. They are necessary for all construction jobs to maintain environmental safety and production efficiency. 

Your professional team from Mid America Service Solutions knows how to use these trucks in almost any situation. We’re even OSHA certified in confined space entry for those tight-fitting cleanings. 

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Vacuum truck services are applicable across the board, but certainly aren't limited to:

  • Steel mills
  • Chemical plants
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Sewage
  • Mold remediation

What is a vacuum truck used for?

A vacuum truck is a versatile piece of machinery used to either remove debris, sludge & waste or serve as a holding tank for large-scale projects. This industrial machine with specialized holding tanks and hoses offers a wide variety of vacuum cleaning applications in industrial, commercial, agricultural, and municipal settings.

For example, vacuum trucks can be used for cleaning out storage tanks, silos, debris, secondary waste from blasting and mold remediation, or as preparation for interior blasting or tank lining application. These powerful machines are crucial to keeping any project moving along, you can’t do a good job if there is always a mess in your way.

Safe and Efficient Material Removal

Industrial vacuum trucks are designed to quickly clear away and can even store dangerous or hazardous materials without harming the surrounding environment. They can also be used in emergency clean up situations from natural disasters to prevent contamination of water sources.

The most common industrial vacuum trucks are fitted with a washer that uses high pressure water and a heavy duty vacuum. While used for sewer cleaning and sewage removal, these combination types of vacuum trucks are also what is typically used on construction or building sites. They remove excess dirt material slurry and liquids sludges so that progress can continue.