Lead Abatement

Certified Lead Abatement Services

Did you find lead in your building and need to get it removed? Let the certified lead abatement professionals at Mid America Service Solutions make quick work of it. We offer property owners peace of mind by eliminating lead safely and efficiently.

Encountering lead paint in any building is a serious issue that must be addressed immediately. Even exposure to small amounts of lead dust can lead to significant health problems. Permanently eliminate lead based paint and keep people safe by using Mid America Service Solutions’ easy plan.

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    You contact us for a quote
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    Lead is removed
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    Production resumes. 

Why choose Mid America Service Solutions to get the lead out?

We know from experience how stressful these types of projects can be - it can feel like you’re opening a big can of worms that can lead to even bigger problems.

  • Convenience: Dealing with any government regulations can result in a huge headache, having an experienced guide will make the experience smoother.
  • Cost-Effective: Our thorough lead inspection will help determine which lead abatement strategy is best for your situation, not someone else’s.
  • Minimize Your Risk: Lead abatement projects carry significant potential hazards to people in the environment due to the lead dust that is created with any renovation project. Our EPA certified team follows the highly regulated guidelines to keep you safe from lead exposure while getting your job done right.

When you choose an experienced professional team, you hire us to worry about your project so you won’t have to. We’ll guide you through every step of the process.

What is lead abatement?

Lead abatement is a process that will either permanently eliminate lead or neutralize lead-based paint and materials. Due to the risk of lead exposure, any lead abatement processes are best done by professional contractors certified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 

How is lead abatement done?

Lead abatement is done in one of four ways. A thorough lead inspection will help determine which strategies are right for your home or business.

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    Replacement - wood or materials that contain lead are removed and replaced. 
  2. 2
    Enclosure - lead paint that is present on a wall would be covered by a special wall covering to make sure that no lead dust is created over time
  3. 3
    Paint removal - a process of lead paint removal will permanently eliminate lead paint using pressure washers or blasting. This process will create a lot of dangerous lead dust and must be done by a certified professional.
  4. 4
    Encapsulation - this method of lead paint abatement is done with a specific type of coating that reduces lead based paint hazards. The material used for encapsulation is unable to be used on all surfaces, but may be a viable option for you.

Please keep in mind that lead abatement is highly regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and you should choose contractors like us that are certified in lead abatement.

Mid America Service Solutions is an RRP-certified firm

Our Lead Abatement Process: How It Works:


Step 1 - Lead Inspection

As the first step, we’ll conduct an in-depth lead inspection around the property to confirm where (and whether) there are any possible lead risks. Door frames, window sills, stairs, railings, and porches are all included. We’ll make sure every hazard is identified and log our findings to make sure your abatement process is completely up to code.


Step 2 - Safe Abatement

The primary focus of any lead abatement project should be on safety. Our crew will carefully confine each area so that any lead paint or lead dust that is removed from one surface won’t be able to travel or pose a threat in another area. We’ll utilize our safe blasting techniques to strip away any toxic coatings so the newly exposed surfaces will be completely unharmed and safe.


Step 3 - Total Clean Up

A thorough sweep of the entire space and final environmental testing will confirm that our job is complete. Our team always verifies that all of the lead dust or other particulates were tightly secured and safely carried away off site. We take our training very seriously. As your Indianapolis lead-safe certified contractors, we’re proud to ensure that your home or building is completely rid of any lead paint hazards.